What are the Daisy Park team up to?

What are the Daisy Park team up to?

Well, now that we're on lockdown it looks like we're in this for a little while eh? During this time of madness we want you to know that we want to be there for all of our fab customers. Be that continuing to sell, wrap and send lovely gifts and homeware items, or simply providing a bit of entertainment and distraction.

So, we thought we'd do a little piece on what us, the Daisy Park team are up to in lockdown! Of course, like many, not all of us are working as the shop is closed. So how are we passing the time? Perhaps it can provide some inspo for something for you to do, but if not, then at least reading this might take your mind off things for 5 minutes.


Mand is spending her days taking advantage of this gorgeous spring weather we're having and getting stuck into some gardening. She's also been going on some beautiful looking runs as she lives right on the edge of Exmoor, so making full use of that one outdoor exercise a day!


Lindsay's taking on the role of teacher as she's got her two kids home at the moment with schools being closed. As many of you can surely relate, she's definitely been taking full advantage of the allocated outside time to get some time to herself (and probably a bit of piece and quiet) by going for runs too.


Lizzie is giving Em a helping hand during this crazy time by helping out with the running of social media, and the blog etc. Outside of that, she's been going for walks in the sunshine to soak up some much needed vitamin D, making soup, and trying to get back into reading.


Em's been a busy little bee sorting out bits in the shop, packaging up and sending off your orders, and working on the website to ensure that online shopping for our customers is as easy as can be right now. When she's not working, she's been doing her usual gym classes the same way many of us are right now, virtually!



Dave might just be the busiest one of us all right now as he works for the NHS. He's been spending long days sorting and organising and generally helping to keep things running as smoothly as they can right now. A huge well done to him and all the incredible NHS staff out there!

So that's a brief round up of what we're doing. Of course some days are boring, stressful, and generally a bit rubbish, but we're muddling through - that's all we can all do.

We hope this gives you a few minutes to sit peacefully and perhaps escape a little, and reassures you that we really are all in this together. Sending our best wishes to all our wonderful Daisy Parkers and stay safe everyone. xx