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    Shop our Seaside Window

    Shop our Seaside Window

    Fish and chips, deckchairs, and shells all over, our window display at the moment is inspired by the delights of the Great British seaside. Being situated in North Devon, this theme is one that's close to home (literally and metaphorically). With an abundance of beautiful beaches, we had plenty of inspiration, finished off perfectly with the release of Emma Bridgewater's gorgeous new collection.

    We often get comments from the locals and passers-by in our area, and we just love it. So we've set up a section on our website in which you can shop our window from afar. We couldn't leave out our fab online customers could we? So read on to take a look at all our gorgeous goodies that we love showing off.

    The new Emma Bridgewater collection is really the core of this window. The lobster plates and mussel bowls are just so gorgeous in their vivid colours, and what an excellent match it is to pair them with the lemon range? Just perfect.

    The Gisela Graham mini mugs and jugs probably have a design for pretty much anything, we think. These lovely sea themed ones would be such a great gift for anyone who loves the ocean, and what a lovely little set it would be to give both the mug and the jug for a cup of coffee in a beach hut after an early morning swim.

    A weird and wonderful array of wildlife can be found on the beach. Whether it's mussels in rock pools, or fishing for crabs in a harbour, there's plenty of characters. Many of which can be found as a Jellycat character, too, and we simply adore them. The Octopi are some of our all-time favourite Jellycat friends and we always love getting more in store.

    And what better way to finish off a look with some little decorations dotted around. These Shoeless Joe ones are all seaside themed and aren't they just great? They'd be fab for adding some final touches to a seaside holiday cottage, or simply a little something to decorate your home. You can spot them in various places throughout our window display pictures.

    A Right Royal Occasion

    A Right Royal Occasion

    Here in the UK we love a chance to celebrate, don't we? We're also rather fond of our Royal family, so put the two together and we've got a right royal celebration in place. The Queen's Jubilee is less than a month away now, and the goodies we've got in are selling fast. So whether you're getting big bundles of bunting for a street party your way, or just want a few bits to celebrate at home, get your decorations now before it's too late.

    Emma Bridgewater always have released such gorgeous pieces for special occasions, and their Jubilee range is no exception. Whilst most is now sold out, there are still a few mugs left, the napkins and bunting, which always complete a look nicely.

    Talking Tables know how to celebrate in style. We adore the wonderful goodies they've brought out for their Right Royal Spectacle range. Perfectly balanced with novelty and patriotism, the various products will not only look lovely on your celebration table, but will also keep the atmosphere fun-filled.

    However you might be celebrating come that first weekend of June, we've got the goods to make it a good one. We hope everyone has a wonderful time, most importantly Her Majesty herself of course!


    Introducing Agnes & The Cat

    Introducing Agnes & The Cat

    Earthy, natural and wonderfully wild, meet Agnes and The Cat, the gorgeous new company we're now happy to be a stockist of. Originally inspired by the beautiful landscapes of the Lake District, this company produce a whole host of bath and lifestyle products that we think are perfect for gifts (including gifts to yourself).

    Curious? Read on to have a little look.

    From fairy dust to sprinkle in your bath, to adorably packaged lip balms, and even soaps on roaps! We've got a great selection of goodies to give to loved ones or treat yourself with. Plus, they even come with their own gift bags so they really do feel like a special something when you're handing your gift over. And if you've had some help from us gift wrapping the product too, you've barely done anything yet get to take the credit!


    And it's not just treats for bath time they do. These lovely candle jars are so cute and smell so fresh. We also get asked about wax burners all the time, so if you've been one of them, this one's for you. The ceramic diffuser from Agnes & The Cat does exactly this, and even comes with 4 wax melts to get you started so it's a fabulous gift for those candle lovers who already have enough candles.



    We've already been smelling these glorious products in the shop whilst we've been unpacking the delivery. So now that you've seen some of the goodies, we hope you'll like them just as much as we do.

    Send Some Sentiment

    Send Some Sentiment

    Every once in a while, we all get a little sentimental, right? Whether it's a big life event that reminds us of how much we love our special people, or the little things that make us happy like a cup of tea in bed on a Sunday morning. Sometimes it's just nice to send a little bit of sop through the post to show someone we care, and East of India are the company to go to for that. They've plenty of trinkets and tokens for all, plus some lovely new pieces that we think are just so cute.

    For a while now we've stocked some of East of India's lovely little handled tealight holders and they've always been popular as gifts. So now we've also got the larger ones (9x5.5cm) which come with a tinned, scented candle and we think they're great. The one pictured below has a fig and pear scent which is subtle but gorgeous.

    The thing we love most about East of India is that not only do they have little gifts with perfect sayings for every event/occasion, they also have something for no reason. For 'just a little something' gifts, and for simply wanting to brighten someone's day. Here's some of our favourite goodies; for occasions, and for the hell of it.

    East of India have got so much to offer when it comes to sentimental gifts. The goodies we've shown you today are just a handful of what we stock from them, and we're always getting deliveries. Have a browse on our website today, and you might just find the perfect way that you've been looking for to tell someone you care.


    Beautiful Bluebell Season

    Beautiful Bluebell Season

    The clocks have changed and the evenings are lighter, Spring is officially settling in. With that, comes all of the glorious spring flowers that we know and love, and in particular right now, bluebells. Their ability to light up a woodland floor is a magical sight to see, so if you love them as much as we do, read on for an appreciation of the bluebell.

    The Jellycat Amuseable bluebell is so cute and such a lovely way of keeping the flower in your home all year round - no watering necessary!

    We've also got so much gorgeous homeware from Gisela Graham that's bluebell themed. You've got a choice of some ceramic mugs of different shapes and sizes, as well as glass candle pots, jugs, tea towels and peg holders.


    You can even take it a step further and get yourself and your home smelling like the wonderful fresh scent of bluebells with a soap or hand sanitiser from The English Soap Company, or a candle such as the tealights from St Eval.


    We love pretty things here at Daisy Park, and we think flowers certainly fall into that category. So we've got plenty of goodies dedicated to not only Bluebells, but so many beautiful British flowers that you know and love. Take a browse through our website and you might just find your favourite!