Jellycat Furry Friends

Jellycat Furry Friends

We'll get by with a little help from our friends!
We're all having a tough time just now with social isolation, social distancing and home schooling. So what better time to get the kids (or yourself) a gorgeous new furry friend to play with, with all this extra spare time many of us have at the moment. What's more, many little ones will still be having birthdays during this time, and it might seem like quite a challenge to make it special.
So maybe we can help you out with some inspiration from our newest additions into Daisy Park - Jellycat cuddly toys.

Using a mixture of luxury fabrics, Jellycat creates cuddly toys that are unbelievably soft and too cute to resist. They come in a wide range of friendly characters, from their classic collection of Bashful Bunnies, to Odell the Octopus (who Em has a particular soft spot for), and the Daisy Park teams favourite: Livi Leapord. She almost feels like a real little leapord if you have her sat on your lap and is irresistibly soft.

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There are also a variety of sizes for many of the characters, so you can choose whichever smaller or larger size your recipient may prefer, and the toys are suitable for all ages, from birth upwards.

So if you're a bit stuck for a little ones birthday, or you simply want to get someone a little furry friend to keep them going during this weird time, then perhaps it's worth baring Jellycat in mind. They really are very soft.