The Joy of Cards

The Joy of Cards

Here at Daisy Park we've always loved cards. The simple joy of picking the loveliest design, writing a special note, popping the stamp on and sending it off to a loved one is one we think is underrated. But we're sure you'll agree that during the lockdown and this wild time, cards have had somewhat of a comeback.

We never used to sell them online but now that we do we thought we'd take you through a few of the gorgeous companies we stock and designs we have to choose from as we're always updating them.


Of course it goes without saying that we've got birthday cards. From 1 to 100 we've got plenty of age cards for him and for her, and a mixture of humour or sentimental to choose from too.

Cards for Lockdown

During this Coronavirus pandemic there are some cards you might have been needing more than usual. Whether that's a thank you card for a key worker doing a brilliant job, or a sympathy card for the loss of a special someone; we've got some lovely designs to choose from to put your heartfelt message in. And now we even have a new range specifically for lockdown! Including a 'Stay at Home' card from Molly-Mae, and a new range from Corniche Cards such as the NHS card or 'Stay Safe' - so gorgeous and with great sentiment, we love them.

Other Occasions

We cover a lot of other big occasions that might come up in your life, including: Wedding/Anniversary, New baby, New home, Fathers Day most recently and much more. We know all of these occasions still happen even during lockdown, so we know it's important to keep providing.

Blank Cards

And of course, blank cards are always an essential. Perhaps you like to create your own message with it, or it's simply not for any occasion other than to send someone special some love. We've got some beautiful designs from gorgeous landscapes, to even some humour ones chucked in there.