Introducing: Tonies

Introducing: Tonies

Here at Daisy Park we don't just like to provide treats for the adults, many of our readers will already know that we also stock some glorious bits for the kids too. And not just wonderfully cosy cute sets from Cath Kidston, but we also always try to find quirky, fun, educational toys and activities to get them learning AND playing.

So that's why we're excited to now be official stockists of Tonies! But what are they? Read on for a little guide..

These sturdy little boxes are essentially child-friendly audio players. The inventors recognised that normal radios and CD players etc can actually be quite complicated and aren't really that child-friendly. So these little boxes are covered in sustainable, strong fabrics for all the dropping and throwing that comes with the everyday life of a child, and are really easy to use. They're battery operated and come with a charging lead, connect to WiFi, and (quite importantly) have built-in headphone jacks for when you might need a bit of peace and quiet.

Now, what to listen to? Once you've got the actual Toniebox the next bit is the really fun bit. Simply choose a Tonie character and pop it on top (it's magnetic so super easy), and your audio will start to play. There's endless amounts to choose from: stories, music, educational stories, and even the option to record your own thing. Each Tonie is a different character, including some much-loved stories such as The Gruffalo, and The Little Mermaid to name a few.

One really special aspect of Tonies that we particularly love is the option to add your own audio onto the 'Creative Tonies'. Purchase one of these and you can record your own bedtime story for your little ones, or perhaps a goodnight message from a loved one who lives far away. It's so special and adds a lovely personal touch.

So there's an introduction on what Tonies are and how they work. We love them here and really think they'd make wonderful gifts for little ones to play and learn without you having to worry about them breaking anything - it's a win win!