Entertaining the kids

Entertaining the kids

With the schools currently closed and the kids at home, we can imagine there have been a few stressful moments for parents right now. If homeschooling hasn't always been going according to plan or you just need some fresh games and toys for the little ones to get excited over, then perhaps these lovely bits might come in handy...

One product that arrived at Daisy Park in perfect timing is the 'If' Childrens Reading Timer. It's a super handy way of encouraging kids to strengthen their reading skills (whilst giving you a bit of down time), and simply clips on the top of the chosen book. We think it's a particularly handy device to have in the current circumstances as it's an easy way to keep children developing. We all know that kids who read regularly tend to do better in school!

Djeco is a hugely popular company for kids stuff and we stock plenty of it. There's a wide range of fun activities such as puzzles, mini games, sticker books, scratch boards, origami sets and much more. Keep them occupied with a puzzle or two, or get their creative juices flowing with the Origami Animals kit. Or if they fancy playing dress up then why not get them some 'tattoos' or face sticker sets? We could go on but you might be reading for a while, so head to our website to see for yourself.




And we haven't forgotten about the younger kids! The Tipi Play Tent is a cute addition for when the little ones are getting lost in their imagination and is sturdy and easy to fold up compactly when not in use. It also makes for a lovely little chill out den for the rare occasion that they might want some down time.

The Fishing Game is another fun one, that get's them learning their numbers and colours through play, pop them in the bath or simply on the living room floor and we're sure they'll love it. There's even stacking games that can help them to develop their balance, counting and motor skills through fun, bright and colourful sets.

We hope this blog post has given you lovely readers a bit of inspiration. All of these wonderful bits would make for great birthday presents too, if you're wanting to get a gift that will be beneficial for the child as well as hopefully the parent too! We can wrap the product up for you and send it off to help you out amidst this wild time - just let us know.