Passing the Time: Baking Edition

Passing the Time: Baking Edition

Now that everyone's got a bit more spare time in the house at the moment, we've all been trying to pass the time in various ways. Be it reading, at home workouts, getting back into creative hobbies or working on our baking skills!

Here at Daisy Park we want to ensure we're still as active as we can be throughout this weird time. Providing you with a gift service, as well as hopefully just some more content, to keep you occupied if you need to kill an extra 5 minutes.

So, as so many people are getting more into cooking and baking, we thought we'd show you a few accessories that might get you even more excited to get into it.

The main thing we think you might need is some beautiful tins to store delicious cakes in! We've got a huge variety of the immensely popular Emma Bridgewater tins, and we've even got some new ones recently arrive, just in time for summer.

There's a variety of shapes, sizes and gorgeous designs, but here's some of our favourites. They all capture a typical British summertime perfectly, from strawberries and pink roses, to the classic EB designs like polka dots or pink hearts, they're all beautiful.

Why not take it further and use one of the lovely trays in a matching design to display your tasty goodies on? Again, there's a range of sizes from mini ones to pop a cupcake or cookie on with your cuppa, to the large metal ones if you're having some tea and cake in the garden (with those you live with of course!)



If you're into your pies and tarts, the Emma Bridgewater baking beans might be a great addition to your home, coming in the lovely classic polka dot design, it would look great whilst also being really handy! (It'd make a great gift for a loved one right now if they're into their baking and you're unsure on what to get them.)

You could even get the little ones involved with one of the kids mini aprons, this adorable Unicorn Meadow one would look super sweet on your little kitchen helper.

We'd love to see your baked creations on Instagram or Facebook if you used any of the gorgeous tins or other bits we stock, tag us or send them to us via the private message and we might even share it! It might make the rest of us hungry and craving cake though..