Get Cosy with Atlantic Blankets

Get Cosy with Atlantic Blankets

Is there anything better than cosying up in a big blanket? We don't think so!

You might have seen that we've recently got some of the gorgeous blankets back in from Atlantic Blankets. They're a firm favourite of ours when it comes to a cosy product, for a number of reasons. They use British wool and traditional methods to make the blankets which means that their quality is just superb and perfect for wrapping up warm. Their methods also help to enrich the British wool industry, which is always a good thing and we're proud to support it.

Based in Cornwall, it's a brand that takes inspiration from the coast which is clear to see in their rustic designs and as we're not too far from the coast ourselves here, we just love the theme. They come in a range of gorgeous colours, from hazy blues to match the ocean, to vibrant reds, yellows and even a lovely reversible geometric print for something a bit different.

So if you're in need of some comfort whilst you're stuck in this lockdown, or want to cosy up outside in the garden, Atlantic Blankets are a great go to. They'll last you for years and look glorious on your sofa, bed, or wherever you might want to keep them. Just imagine being snuggled up in the garden in the evening sun with your favourite drink, nibbles, and a barbecue on the go - heaven.