The Daisy Park Picnic Guide

The Daisy Park Picnic Guide

Following the latest update from Boris Johnson, it looks like the restrictions are easing a little on our outdoors time. We can now go outside more than once a day, and are even allowed to visit some parks/recreational areas once again.

Whilst we do feel a little wary, it's still hopeful, right? And it's getting us excited to go to our favourite beauty spot for a lovely summer picnic. Of course, it's got to be a good one if it's going to be our first of the summer/post-lockdown, so we thought we'd put together this little guide to a perfect picnic...

1. Choose your location

Being North Devon, we are really spoilt for choice. The beach is a firm favourite for us in Daisy Park, but as many car parks and beaches are still closed this one might have to wait. Up on Exmoor might be the best choice for now, where you can drive to places that don't have another human in sight - perfect!

2. Pack your picnic blanket

The Cath Kidston Strawberry Gingham blanket is the obvious choice here. It's such a classic, summery design and rolls up into a neat parcel with a handle so it's super easy to throw in the back of the car and carry around. Alternatively, you could use any big blanket that you don't mind going on the ground, or take both and use the other as an emergency cosy device. The gorgeous Atlantic blankets would be perfect for this too.


3. The best bit - Food!

The best bit of course. Whether it's just some cheese and crackers or a full on lunch with sandwiches, strawberries and cake - Emma Bridgewater will have your goodies looking even better. The snack tubs are ideal for storing things like olives, fruit, biccies, or whatever you fancy, and come in a range of lovely designs. Or if you've got cake, use one of the beautiful tins to keep it safe.


As for crockery the melamine range from Emma Bridgewater is just perfect. Including plates, cups and bowls these are great for picnics as they're lightweight, easy to clean and sturdy. Plus they also come in some simply lovely designs.


If it's sunny it's important to stay hydrated. Fill a Dopper bottle up and chuck it in to keep your thirst quenched for the whole thing, or fill it with some wine and use the sweet little cups as your wine glasses - perfect!


Now you've got your nibbles ready to go, pop them all in a Hinza bag and you're done! These bags are super sturdy and practical, as well as coming in a range of beautiful bright colours. They're also easy to clean if they get any spillages in them so you can't go wrong really.