The Red Edit

The Red Edit

As you probably know now, we love a colour theme here at Daisy Park, so this week the colour theme we've gone for is red. As one of Emma's favourite colours, you can expect to see it pop up all over the shop all the time, so there's plenty to put together.

Pip Studio

Pip Studio takes the lead for this theme with their glorious Blushing Birds red range. The rich tones burst into any home oozing with luxury and style, and it's quite irresistible. What's more, the range doesn't just feature cups, teapots, plates and general kitchenware, there's also some beautiful vases, candlesticks, and a big bold bowl. So you can add a touch of the gorgeous colour wherever you like in your home.

Hinza Bags

We've got Hinza bags in practically ever colour of the rainbow so of course red is included in that. Whether it's the large one or the smaller one, these bags are so practical whilst still looking stylish and would make a perfect treat for anyone who can't get enough of the colour red.

Asta Barrington Trays

New in and packed with bright colours, Asta Barrington trays are new to Daisy Park and we love them. If you or your red-loving friend also loves to host then one of these trays might just be an essential. They're made from great quality wood and will bring a tray full of love to any home!

Emma Bridgewater Strawberries

This ones for the Emma Bridgewater lovers. Their strawberry range has already been hugely popular recently as it's the perfect summer collection. The classic red strawberries and traditional British picnic theme look fabulous in any kitchen and add a pop of colour without being too vibrant. Plus there's the tomato designs which look equally fab with that burst of vibrant red. Just perfect for anyone who wants slightly more subtle dashes of colour here and there whilst looking super cute too.

These are just the main goodies that show off their gorgeous red vibrancy, but there's tonnes of other bits to match the theme all over the shop. There's Jellycat toys, candles and notebooks to name a few, so pop in and have a look or take a look on our website and see what bits and pieces you can put together to make a perfect match!