Bedroom Inspiration

Bedroom Inspiration

We think we can all agree that our bedrooms are a little bit of a holy space in our homes. A place where we turn off after the day, relax a bit and sleep our way into a new day. So for this reason, they've surely got to look and feel perfect, right?

With our delivery of new Greengate bedding in the shop we felt inspired to inspire you! And put together a few essentials for if you're in the mood to spruce your own bedroom up a bit, and turn it into a cosy country-inspired haven.


Greengates new bedding is simply glorious. It's classic vintage designs and incredible quality mean that your bed will not only look fantastic, but probably feel blissfully comfy, too. Their colourful pieces mean that you can mix and match with pinks, blues and whites of many tones and still look fabulous.


What better way to cosy up your room than with a candle? Not only do the soft flames add to the overall mood, but the heavenly scents available can take you to your favourite place and away from busy everyday life. So whether it's sweet summer scents like Sweet Pea & Violet, or comforting Goose Down, Country candles have a great selection that look great in the bedroom too, with their adorable packaging.


Now for the fun bit of adding those finishing touches to finalises your rooms character. Perhaps you like filling your space with sentimental inspirational phrases like some of the East of India trinkets, or Austin Sloan signs?

Or maybe, like many of us, you're a keen plant parent and want some green goodness keeping your room fresh. The Pip Studio metal vases hold some bigger plants or flowers perfectly and add a touch of luxury to any bedroom with their simple yet staple design. Imagine the shorter, round vase with some bright pink big peonies in next to one of the Greengate bedding sets - just beautiful.

Finally, top all that goodness off with an essential often forgotten about - drawer liners. Keep your clothes fresh and your drawers looking pretty with the Heathcote & Ivory ones that smell like wild roses, violet, grape and frankincense.

As we've all been stuck in our homes a lot more recently, many of us might be feeling like we need to freshen up some of our living spaces a bit. Well all it takes is some new bedding and a few new accessories. We hope you find some inspiration for a dreamy new bedroom, Daisy Parkers!