What we're Doing in 2019

What we're Doing in 2019

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

 This year, we are making a push to become more environmentally-friendly, to stock more sustainable brands and to support the wonderful products made in Britain. Here's a little insight into what your support means not only to us, but to the planet.


Our main brands for our environmental change movement are Dopper and eCoffee. We have loved stocking our Dopper bottles over the last year or so and they've definitely been a big hit. Soon after, we started stocking eCoffee cups, encouraging a big change in the way we use our single-use plastics. However, our most recent addition have been the marvellous re-usable straws. With 8.5 billion straws being chucked away each year, we hope this will continue to change our ways and save our oceans.

Of course, we couldn't forget about our wonderful Hinza bags. These Swedish bags are made from recyclable materials as well as the green range, made of sugar cane. We love stocking these bright and beautiful bags not only because they mean less plastic bags, but they look gorgeous too.

Best of British Brands @ Daisy Park...

From chinaware to smellies to signs to cards and more, we are proud stockists of a wonderful range of British brands, products created with care and love, as independents support other small businesses.