Our Essentials for Working From Home

Our Essentials for Working From Home

National Stationery week

We're all aware of what's going on in the world right now and many of us are currently trying to get into a routine of productively working from home. Here at Daisy Park Em & Lizzie have both been tackling this themselves, so with some first hand tips and essentials, we thought we'd put together this blog post on how to work from home!

First things first, you can't go without a notebook. Whether it's for jotting down your video meeting notes, planning out your to-do list, or brainstorming ideas, it's an obvious essential. Us Daisy Parkers love our stationery so we've got a great variety of designs; whether it's a simple classic Bookaroo notebook (which come in some gorgeous colours), or a more inspirational one to get you through this, there's plenty to choose from.


Even better, take your notebook to the next level of practical by adding a super handy Bookaroo pen holder, and you'll never have to scramble around for one ever again!

Or, if you're still scrambling around for a pen to actually put into the holder, then it might be time to buy yourself a special, assigned one. Treat yourself to a very pretty and practical pen from Cath Kidston and you'll have stationery so lovely it might even get you excited to start work! We speak from experience on that bit - nothing like a new notebook and pen.


One thing we think is super handy for people who have lots of accounts for various websites because of their work, is a password logbook. It's the type of product that you might not realise you desperately need until you see it, but we've found it really handy during this time. Simply write down all those silly passwords you made up on the spot and you'll never have to click on the 'forgotten my password' button again. It's a life saver.

Or why not if you've got the time update your address book with a gorgeous one from Pip Studio.

This next must-have applies to all day every day - stay hydrated! It might seem obvious but it can be easy to forget to drink if you get stuck into work, so having a bottle by your side on your home desk is great. We love Dopper bottles for this purpose, they come in practical but pretty designs, and you can even unscrew the top so it becomes a mini wine glass if you prefer drinking from a cup. Plus, investing in a good quality reusable water bottle is a win-win for both the environment as well as yourself, so why not?

Last but most definitely not least, you've got to have a cuppa by your side when working from home. Maybe it's not an essential, but we think it is, and for that reason we also think it's necessary to have a gorgeous mug to drink that cuppa from! As many of you probably know, we've got a huge selection of beautiful mugs at Daisy Park. Whether it's from Emma Bridgewater, Cath Kidston or Pip Studio, there's something for everyone. We'd love to show you them all here, but you'd likely be here for a while, so here's a few of our faves, and head to our website to get a proper look for yourself.

So there's our thoughts on what we think are essential items to have when working from home, hopefully it can give you a bit of inspiration. Some days it might be hard to get your head in the zone from home, but remember: we're all in this together and we can do it!