The Yellow Edit

The Yellow Edit

If your favourite colour is yellow, then you've come to the right place.

We're all in need of as much sunny, bright vibrancy as we can get at the moment, wouldn't you agree? Looking through our many amazing products and brands, a common theme that we at Daisy Park all love right now is the colour yellow making appearances. And since it's such a happy colour, we thought why not put some of the best bits into a blog post so you can see our fab little collection? Read on for some much needed yellow, sunshiney joy.

Of course it wouldn't be right if we didn't mention the Emma Bridgewater Buttercups range. This collection is what inspired us to do this blog post in the first place! It's so bright and beautiful, and we think it symbolises spring and summer just perfectly.


The Mimosa range from Cath Kidston is another yellow fave, we loved it when we first got it and we still love it now. Grab the phone case to brighten up your daily scrolling, or the cross body bag for a fresh look on your daily walks.

[EM - Added these for now but feel free to change to better pics if you have any, I couldn't find any!]


When we first saw the Pip Studio Yellow Blushing Birds collection it was love at first sight for all the team here. Isn't the yellow gorgeous? Plus, it looks great mix/matched with the other colours so if you already have some Pip items but have also fallen for the yellow, you can make it work. The new metal ware in is just divine, too, and adds a touch of luxury to any home.

Back to Emma Bridgewater and it's into the veg garden now.. throw in some of the lovely lemon designs and your kitchen will be looking as sunny as ever! We love the idea of using the jug for some fresh homemade lemonade with plenty of ice and a sprig of mint in the top - heavenly. That'd make a great pass time right now, too.


Now that your home-ware has had some vibrancy injected into it, what about you? Anything from Powder just screams summer - but since we're sticking to a theme here, their yellow bits are gorgeous. The headband, handbag, and scarves are all available in the yellow so you could complete a whole outfit with them.


And of course we couldn't forget about Hinza bags or Dopper Bottles. Both available in beautiful bright pastel yellows, these are just perfect for summer picnics and beach trips. Of course we can't do those right now, but perhaps you could treat yourself to keep you excited about life after lockdown, or gift one to a loved one who might need some sunshine in their day. The Hinza bags are ideal for work bags for key workers, as well as gardening, so are super handy right now.


Finally, even though we're entering summer and the suns blessing us with its presence, we're all still mostly stuck at home, and we've probably all been snuggling up on the sofa with a good film much more often. So why not treat yourself to a gorgeous Atlantic Blanket, in this glorious yellow shade? They're made from British wool using traditional methods so they're fantastic quality and look simply lovely in any home. Now your yellow look is complete!