The Orange Edit

The Orange Edit

Here at Daisy Park we love a colour theme. And this week, we're seeing orange everywhere! From subtle rusty sunset hues to bright apricot tones, we think orange is such an underrated colour, so we thought it deserved its very own blog post.

The new in Gisela Graham Lobster and Crab themed bits are part of the initial inspiration for the post. Aren't they lovely? We love the simple design with a dash of that bright orange, ideal for any sea lovers home, and make for lovely additions to a tea party.

Hinza bags are known for their vivid colours and orange is certainly included in the collection. Choose from a classic orange or the new pastel apricot colour - this one would brighten up your picnics that's for sure!

And if you want some bits to match your orange Hinza bag then one of the Ecoffee cups can be matched gorgeously (and can be used for that picnic too). From butterfly prints to a perfectly plain orange, there's a few to options.


We couldn't do a theme without an Emma Bridgewater mug now could we? The Marigold mug from the Flower collection is a beautiful classic, retro orange and would make an ideal gift for any flower/garden lover who's favourite colour is orange too.

The wonderful thing about Country Candles is that not only do they smell sublime, they're also packaged in really sweet, vibrant tins. The Coconut & Mango one fits with this colour theme whilst also smelling like pure summer, so it's a great one to get right now to remind you of your favourite tropical holiday destination. Or go for a much-loved cocktail scent of Peach Bellini to match the colour theme and remind you of once upon a time when we could go out for a drink.

And finally, whilst we've been treated to some superb sunny days this summer, we've also had some colder ones. The Atlantic Blanket Coral throw is such a bright piece and we love it, it would surely freshen up any home that needs some colour this summer.

Altogether these goodies look gorgeous, don't you think? We've added some Powder Sadie Amber sunglasses and socks to finish off, as orange features in many of their colourful products. Pair any of these bits with some of your favourite orange pieces at home and your look will be complete. So if you or someone special loves the colour orange, look no further!