Gorgeous New Hand Sanitisers

Gorgeous New Hand Sanitisers

If there's one thing we've all had to get used to throughout this pandemic, it's hand-washing more regularly and making sure we've always got a hand sanitiser in our bags, don't you think?

Here in the shop we've grown a little tired of it, so you can imagine that we were really quite excited when we heard that English Soap Company were bringing out a range of hand sanitisers in their Kew Gardens collection. That's right - hand sanitisers that not only do a great job at cleaning your hands (they're 75% alcohol), but also smell divine when doing so!

The English Soap Company's Kew Garden collection is simply glorious. Inspired by the exotic plant life that lives in the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, the various scents not only smell great, but come in beautiful, recycled packaging full of colour and vibrant patterns.

The formula is infused with aloe vera and vitamin E to nourish your skin and help prevent your skin from getting dry in the colder months as they draw nearer. Plus it's vegan friendly and cruelty free so you can also feel reassured in that you're being a little bit kinder to planet Earth, too.

If you're super organised and already getting bits for Christmas then these might also be something to keep in mind. As we stock the soaps and hand creams already, pop in the hand sanitisers and you've got yourself a fabulous gift that's also very useful in the worlds current situation. There's plenty of gorgeous scents to choose from, so we're sure there'll be something to suit all preferences.