The Eco Post

The Eco Post

We all know about the current climate change issues that are being so regularly talked about at the moment. And here at Daisy Park, we've been trying to stock more eco products that are environmentally friendly for some time now. No ones perfect but we can all do our bit, right?

Well, we thought we'd take you through our best eco products that we stock, starting with Hinza bags. One way of helping the environment a bit is by switching to reusable bags for shopping etc. Hinza bags are perfect for this as they're a strong, sturdy bag to carry lots of shopping and look good doing it, with a huge selection of lovely bright colours that they come in. And you don't need to just use Hinza bags for shopping, they can be used for picnics, pool or beach trips, or even for carrying your work bits in.

Dopper Bottles

Another really easy way of helping to save both the planet and a bit of money is through using a reusable water bottle. It'll save you having to buy bottles of water all the time, and will save approximately 40 plastic bottles a year! Dopper bottles are perfect alternatives because not only do they come in a range of fantastic colours, sizes and even the choice between plastic or steel, but they're well made and the lid can even ask a little drinking cup. There are additional features available too, such as a sports cap or a little attachable carrier, so you can really make the bottle your own.

Ecoffee Cups

Each year, 100 billion single use coffee cups end up in landfill. But we have a solution with the reusable Ecoffee cup made with natural bamboo fibres. Many people have jumped on the bandwagon with these - and why would you not? They're much nicer than traditional takeaway coffee cups, and your helping to save the planet whilst even sometimes saving a bit of money, as a lot of cafes will offer a discount for those who bring a reusable coffee cup. We stock a range of sizes and designs, from bright colourful patterns, to more simpler, plain designs, we're sure you'll find the perfect one for you.

So, there are a few of our top eco-friendly brands that we stock. But that's not the end, we also stock eco jewellery brands such as One & Eight, eco beauty such as The English Soap Company, and eco candles such as Country Candles and St Eval. In fact, we've got a whole section for sustainable brands on our website, so head over there to take a look for yourself, or pop in store to have a browse. Let's save the world one step at a time!