The Daisy Park Hot Seat

The Daisy Park Hot Seat

Welcome to the Daisy Park Hot Seat Challenge!!

Want to know a bit more about us? Have a read and find out about us through our weird and wonderful Q & A.


Q1) What's your full name?

A) Emma Paisey

Q2) Snog, Marry, Avoid; Piers Morgan, Lewis Capaldi or Bill Nighy?

A) Snog Lewis, Marry Bill, Avoid Piers.

Q3) What's your guilty pleasure?

A) A bar of Topic after the gym. Yummy.

Q4) What movie makes you cry?

A) Schindler's List.

Q5) Favourite Holiday Destination?

A) It's a tough one. But Turkey.

Q6) Are you a dog or cat person?

A) Cat!

Q7) What activities do you do?

A) The gym, circuits, pilates and weights.

Q8) Favourite Cocktail?

A) Pornstar Martini.

Q9) Favourite 'Naughty'Meal?

A) Baconaise Burger. Mmmmm.

Q10) Who's your weird celebrity crush?

A) Dec (from Ant and Dec).


Now it's Mand's turn. Same questions- GO!

A1) Amanda Denise Adams

A2) Snog lewis, Marry Bill, Avoid Piers.

A3) My guilty pleasure has to be a takeaway curry.

A4) The Titanic makes me cry every time!

A5) My favourite holiday destination has to be The Gambia.

A6) A dog person through and through.

A7) I love to run, go walking and ride my bike.

A8) I love a Mojito.

A9) McDonalds!!

A10) Boris Johnson. 


What About Hattie then...?

A1) Harriet Lilian Harley

A2) Snog Bill, Marry Lewis, Avoid Piers.

A3) Cheesy chips are a serious guilty pleasure.

A4) The Notebook.

A5) Greece!

A6) Dogs Dogs Dogs.

A7) Pilates and Dance fitness.

A8) Pornstar Martini.

A9) Dominoes.

A10) Jason Segel


Last but not least, Lindz!

A1) Lindsay Marie Pearce

A2) Snog Lewis Capaldi, Marry Piers, Avoid Bill Nighy

A3) Warm chocolate brownie with ice cream. Mmm.

A4) Bambi

A5) Australia

A6) Dogs.

A7) Run, cycle, swimming and weights.

A8) Anything with raspberries and Vodka #Fruity

A9) Fish and Chips!

A10) Taron Egerton



Hmm, we definitely learnt some stuff about each other today! We hope you enjoyed getting to know us a bit more, Daisy Parkers. If you do this challenge, make sure to tag us and let us know.