The Candle Guide

The Candle Guide

Recently, St Eval posted a really useful little guide on how to take care of your candles and staying safe when using them. We found it very helpful, and since we sell a lot of candles here, we thought we'd share it with you along with some extra tips and products along the way.

For the original St Evals blog post, click here.

As we're sure you know, the winter season is of course also candle season. And whilst we all love lighting those little bundles of warmth and joy, it is always important to remember that at the end of the day, it's an open flame. St Eval expressed the importance of keeping your candles on flat, stable surfaces, away from draughts and flammable objects, and never leaving them unattended. Particularly if they'll be left around children or pets unattended too!

Another point St Eval made in their blog post that might just be the answer to many readers prayers.. is how to achieve an even burn! Finally!

Isn't it the worst when a large amount of your favourite candle gets wasted because it burns in a tunnel form? Well, according to St Eval, wax has memory! So the first time you light your candle, allow it to burn until the wax is all evenly melted, usually for 3-4 hours, and this will ensure that your candle will burn pretty evenly for the rest of its life. No more tunnelling for us!

As well as stocking St Eval candles, we also stock them from companies such as Country Candles, Emma Bridgewater and Sara Miller so we've got a large variety of gorgeous designs and delicious scents.

St Eval tinned candles

Country Candle Sleigh Bell tin candle

St Eval Advent candle

St Eval and Country candles

In addition, just in time for candle season this year we've got in store the most beautiful matches. There's a range of different colours and designs to choose from, and all come in a lovely glass bottle. Unfortunately these can't be bought online as we can't post them, but pop in and take a look, they're the perfect way to light your candles, and would make for a lovely gift for any candle lover.

Jars of matches at Daisy Park

Enjoy this candle season and remember to stay safe with the flames!