School's Out For Summer

School's Out For Summer

We can't believe where the time has gone! One minute it's Christmas, then you blink and it's July and all the schools are breaking up. It's getting to the time for kids finishing school, and others are completing college and finishing uni. Everyone always has that teacher that has gone the extra mile, so we thought we'd show you some ideas of how to say thank you this July.

Gift Cards: Unsure of what to get? Swear by the -leave-it-to-the-last-minute lifestyle? We've got gift cards starting from £5, available 24/7 online, to download and print out. Sorted!

gift cards at daisy park

East of India: If you're looking for a token gift, that's perfect for popping in with a card, look no further than East of India...

Teacher gifts

Teacher gifts

Coffee to have in or take away? Help your teacher get through the mornings with a perfect companion to their beverage of choice. Psst: Get 10% off ALL ecoffee cups this July! Promotion automatically applied to checkout

metal straws

Ecoffee cups

Candles make a really wonderful teacher gift along with a card, we’ve got it covered.

Country candles for teachers

We hope this gave you some inspo! Pair anything with a box of chocolates and you'll be their favourite student for sure. 

Soap for teacher