What is #PlasticFreeJuly all about?

This movement is about making small, everyday changes that can have a huge impact on our environment. By choosing to lessen your consumption of single-use plastic,  choosing to bring your own cup to the coffee shop, or refilling your bottle (at places like Daisy Park for free) instead of buying another one. 120 million people are participating in Plastic Free July this year, in an effort to make a difference. Here's what we've had going on in Daisy Park this month to try and make our small changes for a big difference.

Take a look at our products in action! We love seeing our team and wonderful customers using our eco friendly goodies out and about.

Dopper bottles at Daisy Park

Daisy Park tote bags

Omar out and about with Dopper bottle

Hinza bags at Daisy Park

How Can You Shop Consciously?

By shopping locally, supporting British brands, doing your research on what companies have environmental values at their heart and investing in long-term items such as reusable shoppers, bottles and coffee cups. You have the power to make a HUGE difference! Take a look at some of our Eco-Friendly collection...

Atlantic blankets

  The English Soap company

St Eval candles

Our Gift to You.

We want to encourage you all to be as #PlasticFree as possible, so we're giving you 10% OFF the Eco-Friendly collection on our website for the rest of July! Add any one item or more to your basket and the code will automatically be added to your basket. Let's be the change we want to see.

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