National Allotment Week

This week has been National Allotment Week here in the UK, and by now we're sure you all know how much we love a theme here at Daisy Park. So, of course, we couldn't resist this one!

For many of us, our green spaces have become even more appreciated over the past year or so. Whether it's a great big garden, a tiny balcony packed with tomato plants, or a trusty allotment to save having to buy veg from the supermarket. So if you or someone you're close to has fallen in love with getting their fingers green, then these goodies might just make for a lovely little treat.

Crisp apples, plump tomatoes, juicy strawberries or fresh lemons, the Emma Bridgewater Veg Garden range is sure to have a prize winning fruit or vegetable for someone who loves their allotment. Store your apple bakes in the fruits cake tins or pop your freshly picked garlic in the gorgeous garlic bowl, it's all just so divine.


Every gardener needs a gardening mug, surely? The Gisela Graham mini mugs and jugs would make the sweetest little set to keep in the shed for tea breaks amidst the hard work of pulling veg.


Many of us who keep allotments tend to have a favourite fruit or veg. Perhaps it's leeks, cauliflower, onions? If there is a number one, then one of the Jellycat fruit or veg characters are such a fabulous gift for those who love a laugh. We absolutely love these guys, they never fail to make us smile.


Whether it's to hang on the allotment shed, or simply keep in the home or garden, an Austin Sloan sign is another great present here. Their rustic aesthetic and funny or sweet sayings add some charm and character to the home in no time. Plus, they're handmade in Britain which is always good to know.


From amateurs to full grown, experienced allotment keepers, we can all get involved with growing our own fruit or veg, and these glorious goodies can encourage us to keep going with it, or simply make for some lovely treats to bring someone we love who loves their allotment, a little bit of joy on National Allotment Week and always!