Meet Torie Jayne

Meet Torie Jayne

The hottest new designer on the block, Torie Jayne, has launched her beautiful new homeware range. Where vintage chic meets a modern twist, you are sure to be obsessed with her work. Her four-tone chalky pastel colour palette will look amazing in any kitchen. Perfect if you're looking to ditch the old, chipped crockery and replace them with something FRESH. We just had to let you know about it.


Sea-side lovers... blue haze is calling your name! We love this blue at Daisy Park, on a marble countertop, on a wooden coffee table, or out on the bench on the garden, this beautiful blue will brighten your surroundings. Who knew slicing bread could be so aesthetically pleasing?


For all you minimalist lovers, the silver grey colour is the one for you. The beautiful contrast between the white and grey hue is going to just make your kitchen. The 100% cotton tea towel, bone china mug and the round chopping board means all your palette theme dreams have come true.


Cloud pink is a beautifully-subtle addition to any home. Either get all your pieces in this colour or mix and match them with different colours in the range for  a stunning display. The delicate pattern of the bird silhouette and lace is the perfect match for this light, pastel pink


This on-trend light pastel blue will complement any colour scheme in your kitchen. Who said drying up couldn't be done in style? At Daisy Park, we'd pair opal blue with the cloud pink for a perfectly-pastel colour palette. Ditch the hole old tea towel and replace it with the opal blue, we might grab a mug while we're at it... and the board... one of each colour perhaps!

We are in love with this range and wanted to give Torie Jayne the recognition she deserves, these products are high in quality and will transform your kitchen. We know you'll love them.