Kids Half Term Goodies

Kids Half Term Goodies

Half term is fast approaching so we're sure you're getting ready to have your little bundles of energy running around the house again.

Whether you've got plans to send them off to relatives or sleepovers with friends, we've got some new bits in that we think would make for some fab half-term treats.

Introducing: Frugi!

We've got to start with a company that's new to Daisy Park and one that we're quite excited about: Frugi. They use only organic cotton for their clothes, and believe it or not, recycled plastic bottles and materials for their outerwear and bags! So they're a company who cares about the planet which we love, not to mention their products are gorgeous. We'll be stocking mostly bags and bottles in bright colour combinations that will be sure to make any kids delighted!

These lovely bits are a few examples of what's to come in mid February. In the meantime, check out their website for more info about what they do and more of their products:


For the even smaller little ones..

We've got some super cute new designs from Cath Kidston, plus re-stock of some of their classic designs. Featuring cups and food trays in styles such as 'Skate Party', 'Nursery Animals' and 'Garage Station', the designs are bright, colourful and all round cute.



For the older kids & keeping them occupied..

For some fresh entertainment to keep them busy this half term, take a look through Djeco's brilliant variety of products. There's more simpler stickers and puzzles, or more advanced make-and-do activities to get their creative juices flowing, such as origami and hanging decorations. We also stock some of Djecos games that are a great combination of learning and fun, including memory games and their various 'mini games' products.


Whatever your plans are this half term for your kids, we hope some of these gorgeous bits will provide for some entertainment for them, and a bit of a break for you!