Insects and gardening

Insects and gardening

Here in store we've been continuing to receive lots of exciting deliveries ready for the new season. One theme that's been popping up everywhere is the wonderful world of gardens and all that can be found them; in particular insects and home-grown fruit and veg. With the situation we find ourselves in more of us are able to be out on the garden. We're going to have some beautiful and well maintained gardens this year thats for sure.


If you or anyone you know loves their garden, then look no further. Our stockists have blessed us again with some gorgeous, adorable designs featuring the beloved bumblebee, ladybirds, and even grasshoppers as well as tomatoes and strawberries from the fruit and veg ranges. We simply love them!

Bumblebees - these wonderful little creatures have been featuring in tonnes of our products at the moment. Emma Bridgewater has been popping them around her Buttercup range, as well as giving the bee it's very own adorable mug too! There's also a ladybird and grasshopper design too which are just adorable.


We've got some gorgeous mugs and jugs from Gisela Graham which feature both bees and strawberries which we've fallen a little bit in love with thanks to their simple design with the splash of colour. Keep your eyes peeled for more bits like this from Gisela Graham..



Even Cath Kidston have jumped on the insect bandwagon with some super sweet socks featuring both bees and ladybirds, or baby grows, bibs and blankets so for anyone who loves these little creatures, these products might just be perfect.