Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

What a seasonal spirit at Daisy Park this week. With only a week until Halloween, we've decorated the outside of the shop with some beautiful orange Chrysanthemum flowers and bright pumpkins.

The window is still beautifully decorated thanks to Torie Jayne- a perfectly pastel Halloween theme, and inside the shop is just as seasonal too. 

We have got the most gorgeous soaps now in from The English Soap Company, with scents ranging from Christmassy, warm, spicy notes to refreshing grapefruit and lily (Em fave). Our cosy corner is better smelling than ever, we wish you had smell-a-vision.

We can't forget the BEST Autumn essentials: candles and cosy blankets. St Eval have provided us with the most fragrant, beautifully-designed and well-burning candles for a long time, and what better way to spend the landmark day of Autumn on the 31st than cuddled up in a blanket with an orange and cinnamon candle flickering away?

There's our Autumnal update Daisy Parkers, stay tuned for Christmas updates and treats to come, and don't forget to follow us on Instagram (daisyparker27), like us on Facebook (Daisy Park) and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates; without clogging up your feed or inbox.