Get Organised for 2020!

Get Organised for 2020!

Due to popular demand, this year we have gotten our calendars and diaries in ahead of time, and they're flying out already! For the ultra-organised, or those starting a new chapter in their life- whether it be a new job, University or simply organising everyday family life; these diaries, planners and calendars are here to lighten the load.

Hats and Em were in this week, and they may have just gotten a tiny bit overexcited about the new products and how they looked on our pegboard...


Emma Bridgewater Family organiser

Emma Bridgewater magnetic calendarsEmma Bridgewater country calendar

2020 Calendars at Daisy Park2020 Diaries at Daisy Park

2020 Diaries at Daisy Park

We hope you love them as much as we do, getting organised has never looked so good!

2020 Calendars and Diaries at Daisy Park