Emma Bridgewater is BACK!

Emma Bridgewater is BACK!

That's right, you read that correctly. After what feels like a lifetime of having our lowest ever amount of stock in from Emma Bridgewater, they've fired up the kilns and have provided us with all the goodies once more! From the classic everyday ranges that we all know and love, to some new collections which we must say - are pretty exciting.


It may be a little early to start prepping for Halloween but it's hard not to when Emma Bridgewater bring out some goodies that look this good. From pumpkins to spiders, there's everything you'd hope for and more with these new bits, napkins included. We think they'd make a fabulous table spread for a spooky celebration.

Christmas Phase 1

Okay we admit it's definitely too early to start talking seriously about Christmas. But again, we can't resist! The baubles have been flying out quicker than we can get them in so we'd recommend picking one of these up asap if you're interested. And look at the tins, they're too cute. Just imagine keeping your mince pies in here, or filling them with treats as a gift for a loved one - gorgeous.

New Everyday Ranges

It's all very well getting excited for the new Autumn/Winter season, but what about every day? Many of you might be excited to hear that there's even some gorgeous new every day ranges by Emma Bridgewater. Stormy Stars is a take on the original Blue Stars collection but with some gold added which we love. The new Midnight Cats bits look lovely paired with this range. Then there's the Pink & Green hearts goodies, a lovely take on the classic Pink Hearts collection. We particularly love the little Dove candle holder, such a cute addition for any home.

And there's so much more. Including new coasters, a beautiful lemon tray, new bits for both dog lovers and their dogs, and we could go on. But we'd be here all day, so take a little look yourself through our website, or pop in if you're in the area to see the goodies in person.