Dopper water bottles

Dopper water bottles

 Dopper water bottles came back into stock with the Limited edition Coral red joining the gang, but only for a short time. If you're not familiar with them explore them here, they're so very versatile and stylish.

Dopper water bottles

Did you know?

  • 10bn plastic bottles are sent to landfill every year
  • By 2050 researchers predict there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish
  • 440 is the number of plastic bottle used by the average UK home every year
  • 700 years is the length of time it takes for each PET plastic bottle to decompose

Dopper logo

Limited edition Coral red water bottle

So why not do your bit and help save our seas and save your pennies, because once you've filled this up 13 times it's paid for itself. Easy.

Coral Red limited Edition Dopper bottle

Limited Edition Coral red Dopper water bottle.

So much more than just a water bottle

Steel Dopper bottle available in 2 sizes & carrier available here. The larger steel bottle is ideal for someone who likes more fluids on board.

I find the larger steel version perfect for the gym and circuits

Dopper sports cap are available here making them great for the gym

A rainbow of colours are available.  Which Dopper bottle is calling your name?


Not just a water bottle but the lid turns into a cup which can be used for fluids or why not fill with ice-cream or fruit. Champagne & strawberries anyone?