Djeco Treats for the Kids

Djeco Treats for the Kids

After a very strange school term for kids, the summer holidays are finally here. But there's probably a lot of parents out there wondering how the hell they're going to keep them entertained whilst we're still not entirely back to normality!

Well, thanks to a restock from Djeco, we've got lots of goodies that'll hopefully be perfect. Including craft sets, puzzles and stickers galore, here's a few to give you some inspiration.

Getting Crafty

Is there a better way to keep your little one entertained whilst encouraging their creative side? We think not! From puzzles to origami, stickers, and colouring sets, there really is so much to choose from. And to meet every little ones favourite theme we've got sets based on oceans, fashion, fairies or space, the list goes on. We love the make-your-own-mobile kits as once completed they can be hung up in the bedroom to make a super cute decoration.

Colouring in

On the off chance that you are able to get away for a few days this summer, we all know the best go-to for entertainment (that's easy to pack) is colouring in. Grab one of the Djeco notebooks or one of the gorgeous colouring in packs, along with some fabulous glitter pens, felt tips or classic pencils and your little one will surely be kept busy for hours.

Stay Dry in Style

We're absolutely loving the new umbrellas we've got in. As most of us are staying in the UK this summer, there's a good chance some days out will be filled with rain. So why not brighten up the day a bit and encourage the kids outside by enticing them with a beautiful new umbrella? From robots and space to flowers and rainbows, there's some lovely designs to choose from, all absolutely bursting with colour - perfect for splashing in puddles.


Finally, we're well aware that during this crazy time birthdays are still going to happen. Whilst the celebrations might have to be a little different to usual, the gifts can still be as brilliant as ever. If you fancy getting something a little different to the crafty bits, there's always the option of a keepsake or toy. From necklaces and jewellery boxes to Pirate toys, these would make for some wonderful gifts along with any of the crafty bits too.


For the little ones

Of course we couldn't forget about the younger children, and Djeco have got some simply lovely toys for all toddlers. From number and letter puzzles to stacking games and even a fabulous play tent for all their fun and games. There really is something for all the kids.