Daisy Park Gift Guide: Kids

Daisy Park Gift Guide: Kids

This week on the Daisy Park gift guide, it's the kids turn. Christmas is largely all about them after all. The excitement and anticipation of Santa bringing all the goodies, followed by the joy on their little faces on Christmas morning, is what it's all about for a lot of parents.

So, this year might be a little worrying for some, with it potentially not being quite as celebratory and action-packed as usual. But that doesn't mean you can't still treat your kids to some truly wonderful gifts this year. Even though you may have already started on main pieces, here's some ideas on extra bits to bulk out the load, gifts for friends, or even some stocking fillers.

1. A cuddly Jellycat toy

We know we probably mention it a lot, but Jellycat toys are so soft that even as adults we get plenty of joy from a hug with one of these guys. Choose from a huge variety of characters, from fruit and veg to sea creatures or classic bunnies. There's even a few fabulous Christmas furry friends left.


2. A Tonie box

With the starter set costing £69.95, these might be more of a main present. But we think they're more than worth it as they provide hours of entertainment for younger children. Plus once you've got the initial kit, you can continue collecting as many characters as you like. There's classic stories such as the Gruffalo, songs for any music lovers, or educational options about topics such as space or the ocean. There's even The Snowman just in time for Christmas.

3. A Djeco umbrella

With the way of the weather here in the UK, a good quality, beautifully designed umbrella is quite an underrated present in our opinion. There's colours/designs to suit all tastes, including some new magic ones that change colours in the rain - what child wouldn't love that?

4. A Frugi bottle

Keep your little one hydrated whilst simultaneously reducing plastic waste - it's a win win. Plus, Frugi is a brand not only forever striving to be as sustainable as possible, but also uses good quality materials paired with vibrant, joyful colours and patterns to create gorgeous products. Pair the bottle with a matching rucksack or lunch bag, and your child is ready for the new term.

5. Some handy Bookaroo Stationery

When in school, it seems children can never have too much stationery. So you might as well get some handy little extra gadgets from Bookaroo as stocking fillers and smaller gifts. For example, there's the reading timer, the bendy reading light, and of course notebooks plus notebook tidies. In all sorts of colours to suit all sorts of tastes.

6. Djeco games

Finally, if you're looking for extra games, puzzles or general activities to bulk out your Santa sacks this year, there's plenty to choose from by Djeco. We love the origami kits for those who like to get creative, or there's some beautifully packaged puzzles for if you're in need of an hour of peace. Plus mini games that are also portable, stickers, activity kits, and much, much more.

Buying presents for kids can often be easier said than done. Especially when they already seem to have endless, games and clothes and toys. But often, with their wild imagination and energetic creativity, they can be delighted with even the simplest of gifts. We hope these goodies have at least given you some inspiration, and we hope your little ones will still have a very merry Christmas, despite the year that 2020 has been.