Christmas Has Arrived!

Well, the decorations are in, the table is all set up, and there's glitter everywhere, which can only mean one thing - Christmas has officially arrived at Daisy Park.

We know it's still a bit early, but this year more than ever we feel it's acceptable to get excited a little prematurely. We're all using Christmas as something to (hopefully) look forward to, so why not get organised early and raise our spirits with some festivity? Setting up the Christmas table in the shop certainly does that for us. It kickstarts the season for us, and seeing the joy it brings the customers really makes us happy too.

So with that, here's a virtual tour of our table. A few of the gorgeous goodies and beautiful decorations it holds, all of which are of course available on our website too.

There's a decoration for everyone this year that's for sure. From fabulous felt friends, and classic Shoeless Joe wooden and tin characters, to some more decadent pieces that feature vibrant teals, rich golds and glitter galore. Each one is so unique and will surely add some sparkle to your home this Christmas.

Aside from baubles, there's decorations that you could put all over your home. If you love the countryside, the glorious Patchwork Pheasant might be the perfect addition to match a more traditional theme. Or if you have a love for colour and all things exotic, maybe a dazzling parrot or peacock might add a festive twist to your home.

Then there's everything else. We've got enough to sort your home out completely! From candles that smell like spiced cinnamon, mulled wine and all things nice, to the annual Emma Bridgewater Christmas collection (which is almost sold out so grab it whilst you can). And don't forget cards. These are more important than ever this year, if there's a chance we might not be able to spend it with all of our loved ones. We can even write them out on your behalf if you're unable to do so yourself.

So there we have it, an introduction of all things Christmas here at Daisy Park. There really is some wonderful bits and bobs this year, both for you to get your home looking festive, and for gifts to give your loved ones. We'll be keeping you updated on any more goodies we get, as well as providing you with tips, tricks and gift ideas as the season draws closer. So stay tuned for more and let's start getting ready for the best time of the year, regardless of what might get in the way.