Cards Galore

Cards Galore

We know we don't sell cards online, but we wanted to show you what we do have in store and the wide range of cards we are proud to stock. There is something so special about sending and/or receiving a card, rather than a text or an email in such a digital era. We love to be able to help our customers who visit our local shop to find their perfect card, and think it's super special to think of all our Daisy Park cards being sent all over the world.

As you know, this year we are taking a focus on increasing our sustainable and eco-friendly products, as well as involving more British-made companies and bringing more stock into Daisy Park that was made on our own soil.

So, whether it's something humorous, a big happy birthday, a thank you, a congratulations or something truly special, we are sure to have whatever you need. 

Some of our all time favourite cards in the shop are made lovingly in Britain, we thought we'd give you a little insight into a few of our top picks...

James Ellis: James Ellis supplies us with our stunning 'shakies' cards. These joyful cards are perfect for bringing a smile to someone's face, no matter what age you are. These simply sublime cards from Bristol-based James are a firm favourite in our shop.

Quentin blake: We're sure you all know our beloved illustrator, Quentin Blake. His delightful designs can now be sent to your loved ones in the form of a card, whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or a different celebration; we are so pleased to stock these cards.

Two Bad Mice: These cards are something really special. They're Mand's favourites as they are animal-themed and the water-colour designs give them the perfect understanding to whomever the recipient may be. 

Laura Sherratt Designs: From what started in her parents' conservatory to now a booming business, we are delighted to support a fellow independent businesswoman as she creates the most beautiful hand-finished cards from Staffordshire. These cards are best-sellers in Daisy Park, and with their sweet embellishments and pastel tones, we can see why.


Of course, we stock far more than four suppliers of cards, but we wanted to remind you lovely locals, or those visiting us from afar that we stock these beauties. We were inspired by a fabulous customer who came in recently and bought her entire year's supply of greetings cards in one fell swoop; we feel really lucky that she came to us to do so, and feel it shows the diverse and wide range of cards we stock in our lovely shop.