Brilliant Bookaroo Bits

Brilliant Bookaroo Bits

Anyone who knows Daisy Park well will know that we love stationary. From notebooks and diaries, to pens, kids stickers and gift wrap goodies, we love it.

And one brand that we think is really cracking the world of stationery right now is Bookaroo. With bright, varying colours and practical design, there are lots of bits from Bookaroo that we think are just brilliant.

Take the A5 notebook, it's got a simplistic, good quality design in a range of 12 colours and is a great starting point for any stationery lover. You can then add accessories onto it such as the pen holders, perfect for those who can be a bit forgetful and never remember to bring a pen. You can mix and match colours and it simply stretches over the cover of your notebook - it's as easy as that!

They're great at providing products you didn't know you needed until you see it, such as the phone pocket. It's super handy to store a card, note, ID or even medical information such as a donor card, for those occasions you might want to travel lighter. It simply sticks securely on the back of most phones, and can just be peeled off again if needs be.

Perhaps our favourite product of theirs that we stock though, is probably the travel tech tidy. Ideal for any regular travellers, the tech tidy acts as a really handy accessory for storing all the modern life essentials like charging cables and earphones. It opens out to quality pockets and elasticated loops to ensure a variety of bits and bobs can fit in, then rolls up neatly to close - perfect!