A Perfect Christmas Table Spread

A Perfect Christmas Table Spread

One of the things that makes Christmas such a special time of year is all of the lovely decorating that comes with it: the tree, sparkly lights everywhere and of course a table spread on the big day for that much-loved Christmas dinner!

So, as the 25th drifts closer (at a stupid speed), we thought we'd show you some products that we think would make a gorgeous table spread


Candles will smell beautiful but add a touch of drama to any table setting

Serving bowls, plates & platters

Serving bowls, plates and platters filled with all of the goodies that a Christmas feast can bring will look amazing this Christmas.  Imagine Emma Bridgewater jugs filled with delicious gravy or mulled wine, serving bowls piled high with sprouts, carrots, swede, parsnips and potatoes and large serving platters for meats and stuffings or nut roast.  Cheese, crackers and figs for the Christmas evening snacks will look delightful on the Emma Bridgewater serving plate or oblong platter.


Napkins are always needed especially at Christmas time and completes the look for your Christmas table. Check out our collection of napkins here today.

Cracker tins

Cracker tins make great gifts but are also great for storing your crackers.