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    Press & Blog — Christmas gifts

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    Daisy Park Gift Guide: Final Stocking Fillers

    Daisy Park Gift Guide: Final Stocking Fillers

    We've almost reached that time where we all start to slow down a little and wind down ready for Christmas to really begin. But before that blissful part, there is of course that last minute rush that we all experience, getting those final few bits to bulk out the main gifts, and stocking fillers.

    Here at Daisy Park we love the stocking fillers. It's a chance to give and receive some of those sometimes slightly random, but really quite handy and fun goodies. Anything from mini hand creams and stationery bits, to keepsakes and jewellery. So in this final week, we've taken inspiration from the humble stocking filler gift, and created a list of some of our top recommendations to pop inside it.

    1. Hand Sanitiser

    Sorry! We know this is probably a bit obvious, but this year it really does feel like the most useful stocking filler to give to all the family, it'll definitely get used after-all. But take this as a chance to get them a more luxury one with a scent that will make them want to clean their hands 200 times a day, like the English Soap Company ones - heavenly. Or the Heathcote & Ivory ones for the same gorgeous scents, but in super compact packaging for the 2020 handbag essential.


    2. Bookaroo Stationery

    Yet another really handy stocking filler, not only for youngsters at school/college/uni, but for the new wave of those working from home who left all of their bits at the office. Whether it's the notebook tidies, the very useful phone pocket or the bendy reading light for the little ones, you can't go wrong with a bit of stationery at Christmas.


    3. Luxury Powder Socks

    One of the major underdogs of Christmas gifts, don't you think? They're the type of gift that seems a bit 'naff', but really, are quite a lovely thing to receive. Especially if it were a pair of the fabulous Powder socks, which come in an array of gorgeous prints and colours, and are wonderfully soft and cosy too. The alphabet socks are particularly great stocking fillers, get a pair for each of your receivers' names!



    4. East of India goodies

    Perhaps the leader of all stocking filler gifts, East of India gives the option of sprinkling a little sentiment into your gifting. Their goodies make for perfect little extra presents, whether it's a ceramic hanging, a pebble, a trinket dish or one of their new lovely felt baubles, you can't go wrong with an East of India gift.


    5. Beauty

    For those who love a bit of a pamper, we've got some fabulous little treats to throw in the stocking. Including mini hand cream trios, soap bars or lip balms, they're an easy option that are also ideal for those always on the go.


    6. A Gisela Graham brooch

    These little accessories have been a favourite as stocking fillers or little extra gifts for a while now. The beautiful designs are lovely little keepsakes for someone who likes to add a little sparkle to their daily outfits, and we even have a couple of Christmas designs in store at the moment. Not for long though!


    7. Emma Bridgewater foldaway shopper

    For someone who is perhaps trying to go a little greener, or simply for someone who never have enough hands, the Emma Bridgewater shoppers are great little extras to throw in.


    There's so much more bits and bobs that we think are perfect for stocking fillers. You could get decorations for someone to add to their tree, tealights, coin purses, jewellery and so much more. Simply have a browse at our website or pop in and have a look around, we'd love to have you.

    And as this is the final blog post before Christmas, here's us wishing you the best, and sending you many seasons greetings. We hope everyone manages to stay safe this year above all, and have a merry one in any way you can. Lots of love Daisy Parkers.

    Daisy Park gift guide: Gifts for Him

    Daisy Park gift guide: Gifts for Him

    This week on the Daisy Park gift guide.. him. That's right, the one who more often than not, is impossible to buy for. (Why is that?) We know buying for men can be a nightmare sometimes, and we'll admit that as a shop that caters for mainly women and general pretty things, this is not our area of expertise.

    But, that doesn't mean the task of finding gift ideas for the men in our life is an impossible one. We've managed to pull together some goodies that we think would make great gifts this Christmas, so that you can hopefully get a bit of inspiration at the least.

    1. An Austin Sloan sign

    You can always rely on a great gift when it's from Austin Sloan. Handmade in Britain, their rustic wooden style means that they bring a touch of character to any home. Choose from funny ones for the joker, or more sentimental ones for those big softies out there.

    2. An Emma Bridgewater Mug

    This one can't be missed off the list. We mentioned in the last blog post how we're all spending more time at home using our own mugs, so we're reminding everyone of this once again, and therefore suggesting a good mug to spruce up the man in your lifes cuppas. Whether it's a mug for the dad, the gardener, or the one who spends his time in the shed, there's a mug for them all.

    3. A Dopper Bottle

    Staying hydrated is important for all of us. So you really can't go wrong with a reusable bottle as a gift this Christmas. They're ideal for all everyday uses such as throwing into a work bag or taking on a picnic, and if you choose insulated steel bottle, can keep hot drinks in too. Plus, you'll be giving an eco-friendly gift as reusable bottles help to cut down on plastic pollution.

    4. An Ecoffee cup

    In keeping with the theme of sustainability, reusable coffee cups are also a perfect gift for anyone who loves a hot drink. Whether it's for their morning coffee run on the way to work, or for taking in the car on a long journey, Ecoffee's reusable cups are just great. There's also a range of lovely colours and funky designs to suit all tastes.

    5. Handy Extras from Bookaroo

    We may be biased as big time stationery fanatics, but handy little bits and bobs can sometimes be a really brilliant present, don't you think? And Bookaroo certainly do some really useful products. If he's someone who (in normal times) travels a lot, then the Travel Tech-Tidy might be an ideal gift for keeping his chargers and other bits in. Or if he's always on his iPad/tablet, the super handy stand might just be exactly what he needs. Plus more goodies that would be great for those who have had to turn their home into an office this year.

    7. A classic hip flask

    This one might fall more into the novelty area of gift ideas, but an old-school hip flask has been a classic gift for men for many years. Ideal for he who loves a drink, or potentially useful as a handy travel-sized carrier for their favourite spirit, this hip flask might be the quirky stocking filler you need for the man in your life this Christmas.

    Well, we've done it! A list of gift ideas for all the wonderful men in your life. We hope this has at least provided you with a bit of inspiration, we know it can so often be really tricky buying men.

    We've still got more gift guides to come so stay tuned for those, and in the meantime you can shop all of our goodies on our website where we are still up and running as usual. Not long now!

    Daisy Park Gift Guide: Gifts for Her

    Daisy Park Gift Guide: Gifts for Her

    Well, here we are again, that time of year when everything is crazy, expensive, a bit stressful, but quite sparkly and lovely.

    However, with Christmas being quite different this year, we want to help our customers out in any way that we can. We know that finding inspiration for gift ideas can be difficult at the best of times, let alone whilst we can't get into shops right now to have a browse. So, as we try do most years anyway, we'll be providing you with the Daisy Park gift guide series over the coming weeks, to give you some ideas on what to get who, within various price ranges and tastes. Let's get started!

    This week we're kickstarting with gifts for her. As a business run by women, designed mostly for women, this is kind of our speciality. So the suggestions in this blog post are just a few of some the amazing goodies we sell that would be perfect for the woman in your life. Whether it's your mum, sister, grandma, wife or friend, we think there's something for everyone.

    1. Soruka Handbag/Purse

    You can't go wrong with a good bag or purse, and Soruka's are simply gorgeous. Made in Spain from upcycled leather scraps, and with a zero waste policy, these products are all made with sustainability in mind. So you can give a beautiful, high quality gift, whilst knowing you're helping out the world a little bit too - ideal!

    2. A Powder Scarf

    Powder is a brand that's well suited to any glamorous woman in your life who loves a bit of vibrancy. And as we're in Winter now, a scarf is a perfect go-to gift. There's some beautiful designs with bright colours, exciting patterns and fabulous creatures. Plus, all Powder products come with their own gift bag, so it'll look lovely under the tree too.

    3. The English Soap Company bundle

    The wonderful thing about The English Soap Company is that they do a range of glorious products that can be put together to make a brilliant gift set. Their hand sanitiser would be a useful and very fitting gift for 2020, then combine it with a soap and hand cream in the same scent and you've got a wonderful little bundle.

    4. An Emma Bridgewater mug

    It won't be surprising to see this product on the list. But as we're all having to use our own mugs a bit more this year being stuck at home more often, we think this might make for a perfect gift. There's designs for dog lovers, flower fanatics, or just those who can't resist a pretty pattern.


    5. One & Eight Jewellery

    These days, some might not see jewellery as a great gift as it's such a classic go-to that's been done a lot over the years. But we disagree! Jewellery can still be a thoughtful, gorgeous gift. Especially if it's from One & Eight, who create their products with the aim of minimal impact on the planet, and take their inspiration from the coastlines of Devon and Cornwall.

    6. An Asta Barrington tray

    For the hostess-with-the-mostest, who loves to put on a good spread and generally present even just a cuppa with a certain level of prettiness, then a beautiful, bright tray is a fab gift idea. Asta Barringtons are ideal, and there's even a Christmas one, so they can use it as soon as they open it!

    7. A Hinza bag

    A practical, yet stylish gift, Hinza bags can be used for probably anything. Whether it's for shopping, storing knitting in, or even gardening bits, they can probably be used. We love the idea of a Hinza bag transformed into a hamper by filling it with lots of your loved ones favourite things - just perfect.

    8. Candles

    Another great go-to. One again, as we're all stuck indoors a bit more than usual this year, why not give the gift of a divine smelling home? Not to mention the cosiness it brings to a room. Both Country Candles and St Eval have got some amazing scents, customers often comment on how nice the shop smells and it's all down to the candles.

    So there we have it, the first of our gift guides and like we said, these are just a few of the gorgeous goodies we stock. There's more beauty, more mugs, more homeware and so much more - feel free to have a browse on our website. And remember, we're always happy to gift-wrap items and write a note or card for you so do let us know. Stay tuned for the next gift guide!